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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Removing Source Control Provider in Visual Studio

I wanted to remove a source control provider from the list of providers that are listed in Visual Studio under Tools > Options without uninstalling the provider (because I needed the client for the history).  After poking around and reading the documentation on MSDN, on Windows 7 x64, the key is found under the location listed below.  Simply delete the provider under that registry key and it will no longer appear in Visual Studio.  This article helped me find this key.


If it is a non x64 machine, remove the Wow6432Node\ from the path.

Monday, October 11, 2010

TFS and Reporting Services Access Issue

After installing and configuring Team Foundation Server 2010 with Reporting Services, I was unable to access the Reporting Services instance from any other box besides the server itself, regardless of the account used (even the setup account was denied).  I would hit the host/reports site and would be prompted for a username and password and even when putting valid credentials in, the site would still deny me. The solution ended up being to remove the Windows Negotiate authentication option from the RSReportServer.config file.  This file is located at %Program Files%\Microsoft SQL Server\INSTANCENAME\Reporting Services\ReportServer.  Remove the RSWindowsNegotiate node under Authentication/AuthenticationTypes.