Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crossing Domains without Password Pain

I work in consulting, and as such, my machine is never on the client domain.  This causes some headache because every time I want to connect to a client resource, I am prompted for my client username and password.  By default, the client’s resources are in the Internet zone, so nothing is trusted, nor are my saved passwords used to authenticate – I am asked to reenter my password each time I connect to any resource.  Fortunately, there is an easy solution – simply add the domain as a Local Intranet site in your Internet settings.  Under Internet Options, Security, Local Intranet, Sites, Advanced, you can enter the paths to the client resource that you commonly access.  Once this is done, after you check the “Save Password” option when you access a resource again, you won’t have to reenter the password again.

If the client has a TFS instance, you can save your username and password used to access it by going to the team web access site in Internet Explorer and saving your credentials when prompted.  When you launch Visual Studio and connect to that TFS instance, it will then use your saved credentials.

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